"Ahome4it makes solutions that complement existing parcel delivery and home delivery boxes and other methods of access control, using an intelligent keysafe and numerical access control keypads."
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What is Ahome4it?                    

Ahome4it specialises in the development and manufacture of intelligent solutions for unattended home delivery and remote access control.

Ahome4it's unique system allows the Company to provide an unattended delivery service that satisfies the needs of users not met by the more cumbersome and often less effective parcel delivery and home delivery boxes.

The access control solutions provide a means of controlling the distribution of access codes to approved users of remote, unmanned facilities and vacant properties. Permission is granted safe in the knowledge that access is strictly time controlled and traceable.                       

If controlled access is important to you, whether you're a home shopper, a logistics organisation, a utilities company or an organisation responsible for property managament, Ahome4it's digital key box and intelligent access control keypads may be just the solution you're looking for.


NEW product development - follow the progress of the development of the World's first truly remote controlled electronic padlocks - click here.